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People Against Free Trade Agreements = #TPP #TTIP #TAFTA #TISA

PAFTA is a coordination proposal to join & unite people from all continents currently fighting TPP/TTIP/TAFTA/CETA/TISA or any of their respective "free trade agreement" in their own country.
The idea is to bridge the struggles and unite/coordinate for better pressure impact of the citizens against Free Trade Agreements currently being negotiated worldwide. 

The policy of this website is to select, receive, pick the "best of the best" information by country to raise awareness about each of these invasion of corporations into our Democracy.
our goal is to take out the Noise (from social networks etc..) and only capture the best information available per country.

For this to happen we research active citizens, grassroots movements, associations, NGO's, Activist, leakers, interested to provide best documents, video, workshops, articles that would push for more awareness about the implications by sectors to all the population impacted by a vision for society that as proven to fail since  decades by creating inequality, modern slavery, disasters in communities all over the world, and is upon us all once again, remember AMI?

it is time we unite, from across the oceans, from Europe to North America,Canada, from Asia to South America & Africa everywhere, there is a Vision for another journey, another path to build and connect the world of tomorrow. it's imminent, it's urgent, Resistance is Creation, Creation is Resistance !

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feel free to suggest websites, articles, twitter accounts (we prefer) in relation with Trade, but not only, TTIP or TPP have could have broad impact in many sectors of our societies, we actively seek for opinions, articles, video, from your organisation or your own personal initiative, journalist, bloggers, activist, academics, researchers, if you're passionate about defending your opinions feel free to share them by getting in contact directly on twitter @paftaEU or by email :
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